Emily Maria Walker

Born: October 9th- Libra

Likes: Jewelry, Sitting at the Table and Listening to Gossip

Dislikes: Anything that makes her tummy hurt

Music: Anything Spanish and A Hot Beat!

Favorite Quotes: “Dank U”

Looking For: A bottle of milk and a good time

Godparents: Melissa Gonzalez and John Sloan


Emily Maria Walker born on a Monday morning on the 9th of October, 2006. She was 8 pounds and 6 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long! It again was one of the three greatest days in both Erica and Matt’s lives. She was born in Hartford Hospital at 9:23 am.

Emily had her future Godmother Melissa and her Grandmother Yolanda at the hospital as her Titi Jenny and Titi Sara were at the house watching the boys for us. Since Emily was a planned cesarean, it was a much different experience this time around, but just as exciting as it was with the other two boys.

Already Emily has proven to be very tall as she has topped out off the chart in her height measurments being well over the 100 percentile in all categories. She can eat like only a member of this family can with a truly healthy gastro-intestinal system that rivals the best of them!

Emily at Erica’s Surprise birthday costume party.

We have chosen Erica’s sister Melissa as well as Matt’s cousin John Sloan to be the Godparents. We are really excited about the direction and teachings they both will provide her as the two of them are very accomplished in both of the respective fields.