Here is a running visually diary to keep track of Melissa Gonzalez’s family as they traveled to London to Support her in the London 2012 Olympics! The photos and written content has been supplied by Melissa’s Brother in Law Mike, and includes family members Yolanda (Mother), Erica (Sister), Jenny (Sister), Sara (Sister) and Sars (Melissa’s High School Coach and Super close friend).


“Ok, so I’m not really sure how to accurately explain today. Basically, London just got it’s ass kicked by the almighty RED WHITE AND BLUE! What I can tell you is we began the day pretty relaxed at the Proctor & Gamble house, then headed to the olympic village…that’s where the insanity began. The statue of liberty, uncle sam, captain america, and insane USA rocker totally stole the show! When i tell you that we were stopped at a minimum of 500 times for a photo op, i am not exagerating! We were more famous than Melissa!! it was insane!! We made our way to the game, only after meeting the prince and kate (pics to follow)…unfortunately Melissa and the girls lost to Germany but at least there are a few more games to decide who moves on. Anyway you slice it, today was exceptional!! Not sure how we’ll top it but we are certainly going to try! It was brilliant!!”

– Mike Kelly

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