Matthew Felix Walker

Born: August 28tth- Virgo

Likes: Blue’s Clues, Jack’s Big Music Show, Pizza, and Long Walks on the Beach

Dislikes: Making Peeps and Poos in the toilet, And Anything Messy

Music: Vienna, (Billy Joel) Ring of Fire, (Johnny Cash)

Favorite Quotes: “WHE WHE WHE WHE” and “EH Blue’s Clue’s”

Looking For: A Beautiful Girl On His Arm

Godparents: Jennifer Gonzalez and Rob Walker


Matthew Felix Walker was born on a Saturday on the 28th of August, 2004. He was 7 pounds and 6 ounces and was 21.5 inches long! It was one of the two greatest days in both Erica and Matt’s lives. He was born in Hartford Hospital at 6:07 am.

Matthew was truly blessed from the moment of his birth. He had almost 30 people waiting for him in the waiting room who traveled for many hours just to see the newest member of our family. Erica was slowing down her progress in the delivery stage, until the Doctor promised her linguine and clam sauce and she doubled her progress within the next hour! By the time he was born Matt (Sr.) went out to the waiting room to let Matthew’s new Grandma Yolanda and Titi Jenny and Auntie Carla know he was born. He was also born during the “Return of the Jedi” on TV which is a great sign as well!

To date some of Matthew’s greatest accomplishments include (in no particular order) filling up two diapers in less than 3 minutes, peeing on over 6 people the first week of his birth, and being able to reach belching decibles previously only recorded by 40 year old men!

Matthew also became a newly christened Catholic October 2004. He was looking at a few other religions but felt Catholicism really matched up to his ever growing philosophies on life. Matthew was lucky enough to land two great Godparent in Erica’s sister Jenny and Matt’s brother Rob. After talking it over with Matthew he felt that the two would be ideal candidates as Godparents and that Rob can teach him about politics and Jenny can teach him about the true value of sample sales.