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Emmy’s First Ever Soccer Game!


Today was Emily’s first ever soccer game! She has been waiting for years to be able to play on her own team after watching the boys play on theirs, so she was really excited for it! They started off the season with a Soccer Jamboree and Parade with a lot of things for the kids, so it really was a great way to start the season!

Emily wore her Mothers old #7 for good luck to start the season and is playing for team England (which is Da’s old high school colors which he was happy about J).    Due to weather issue during the week, she wasn’t able to have a practice so for her to score whopping 4 GOALS in her first ever game was really amazing! With Erica as her coach, the 2 girls are looking to extend Erica’s undefeated streak into 4th grade soccer!


Emy's First Ever Soccer Game!

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