Andrew Thomas Walker

Born: October 25th- Scorpio

Likes: Trains,Cars, Firetrucks, and all different types of Dips

Dislikes: Shopping at Women’s Clothing Stores

Music: Classic Rock- Journey, Queen, Lynrd Skynrd

Favorite Quotes: “There You Go!!”

Looking For: A Ride in a Firetruck and Anything With A Serious Engine

Godparents: Sara Gonzalez and Paul Volpicelli


Andrew Thomas Walker was born a Tuesday evening on the 25th of October, 2005. He was 7 pounds and 12 ounces and was 20 inches long! It was another of the greatest days of our lives. Andrew was a last minute cesarean section, but we were very blessed and he arrived beautifully.  After what was a tense couple of minutes, our bundle of joy was lucky enough to have a large group of people waiting there to meet him.

He has an imagination that allows him to play for hours at a time, creating a whole new world with his trains and his cars.    Drew loves play wrestling with everyone and never backs down from a good roll around.  He is our early bird and is often caught playing downstairs with his toys.  Drew’s a big teddy bear who gives great kisses and likes to pucker up and run to his target from across the room.  He also loves being read to, especially before bed.

Drew started pre-school this year and loves it.  He looks forward to going and seeing “Miss Beth and Miss Susan” and learning from them.    He tries to get us to to take him to school, even on his days off.  He’s made lots of new friends and he’s growing more and more everyday.

Drew’s very lucky to have Erica’s sister Sara Gonzalez and Matt’s best and life long friend Paul Volpicelli as his Godparents.  We feel like the combination of the two will help guide him and help him  grow into a well rounded, hard working and honest man.